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Only 7% of global sport investment goes to women’s sports and only 4% of media is dedicated to women’s sport. Corporations and media have a role to play in promoting women’s sport by allocating sponsorship dollars, supporting media investments and supporting women leaders to build the next generation of role models. Here are some ways you can both learn more about the challenges women and girls face in sport and help educate others who have the power to influence change.


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    Talk to your consumers how they would support women’s sport. There are many examples of highly respected women spokespeople on behalf of brands and top-rated women’s sports programming. What contributes to their success and how can you replicate it? Ask the women in your organization what type of content they want to see and work on.

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    What commitments has your organization made to women’s sports? Are the women and girls you’re highlighting in your media or in campaigns only there to talk about women’s sport and gender equity, or do you bring women experts into other conversations to give their expertise on sport in general? What sports or teams get the most airtime? Who is featured on your website promoting team jerseys or other products?

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    Put yourself in the shoes of women and girls watching sport and try to understand how they feel. Can they see themselves reflected in your marketing messages or media coverage? And, if so, what is the commentary focused on – athletic achievement and skill, or uniforms, body types, and family life?

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    You can make more equitable decisions by allocating resources to ensure women and girls receive similar benefits from your programming or initiatives. Our Gender Equity LENS e-learning module gives you the information and tools you need to act on your commitment to gender equity, helping you make decisions to better serve women and girls in sport.

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    Women are often labeled or critiqued differently in the workplace due to gender bias. Learn more about the importance of word choice and differences in how women and men are portrayed by exploring Bias Correct resources from Catalyst.

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    Men and women athletes are often portrayed very differently in sports media, where the focus for women tends to be on their appearance, their relationships, and their body rather than their skill. This video from Cover the Athlete highlights these differences to increase awareness of this inequity.

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